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Biology Department (Botany) [New Science Building]

Biology Department (Botany)

Biology Department as an integral part of the Science faculty, independently established its existence in 1912 temporarily at the Madhavlal Ranchodlal Institute of Science (M. R. Institute of Science) and with an affiliation to the Bombay University. Its reputation for academic excellence and outstanding research achievements is noteworthy. The department has the privilege of research facilities, independent library with a treasure mine of classical journals and well equipped laboratories, which support the studies even for the Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes when need arises.

The role of biology is to identify cause-and-effect relationship and note their predictive value in a way that will improve the environment for all forms of life. The Biology Department inherited the richest work tradition from the eminent biologists of India and Great Britain, who served as a faculty. The department has participated teaching of anatomy to first year medicine, conducted post-graduate courses in biology and research for Ph.D. degrees also. Former faculties Dr. G. T. Pandya, J. D. Oza, Dr Asana, M. C. Parikh, R. Y. Gupte, Prin. Dr. Y. M. Dalal have served this department. A very rich teaching material available in the Laboratories, Museum, Botanical Gardens, Herbaria and departmental Library wins the first choice of students aspiring to take up these subjects for graduation.

Courses Offered B.Sc. Botany 30 Seats (English and Gujarati Medium)

Valuable collection of herbaria at the Biology Department is a gold mine of plant specimen: a collection dating back to more than 100 years. A rich and diverse collection of 2862 species belonging to 1220 genera of 155 families attracts many biologists looking for specific variety. The collection reflects the dedicated efforts made by the renowned plant taxonomists like Shri Marten, Shri Garade, Shri Gammie, Shri Bhide, Shri Saxton, Shri Sedgwick, Shri B. N. Dastur, Shri R. N. Sutaria and Shri G. A. Kapadia.

Botanical Gardens
The green treasure mine of the college is around 100 species stretched within the span of five Botanical Gardens in the campus. The ornamental trees conserved here in are Saraca asoca (Ashok), Murraya paniculata (Kamini), Swietenia mahogany (Mahogani), Bauhinia purpurea (Kanchnar), Cassia fistula (Garmalo), Caryota urens (Shiv Jata), Delonix regia (Gul Mahor), Peltoforum roxburghii (Peltoforum) etc. Some of the rare and valuable species like Adansonia digitata (Rukhdo), Melaleuca leucadendron, Crescentia alata (Top Golo), Haplophragrama adenophylum (Pali), Guiacum officinale (Gum Goaecum), Sterculia urens (Kadayo), Ehretia laevis (Vadh Vareli), and Jacaranda mimosifolia in the campus.

Nature Club
Established by the staff and students of the Biology Dept on 28-JULY-2007 based at this department to inculcate love for mother Nature among the students. The organization strives for promoting programs for general awareness in the community to conserve Nature. The club has so far organized program for plantation, maintenance of the existing natural ambience within the campus, tree walks and expedition tours of educational importance.

Courses Offered:
B.Sc.Botany (English Medium & Gujarati Medium)


Botany Dept. Faculty-i
Dr. Nailesh A. Patel
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Botany Dept. Faculty-ii
Shri Mahavirsinh M. Jadeja
M.Sc. (Botany)

Botany Dept. Faculty-iii
Dr. Amita Tatu
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Botany Dept. Faculty-iv
Dr. Nirali C. Vora
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Botany Dept. Faculty-v
Dr. Tushar D. Parmar
M.Sc. (Botany), Ph.D

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