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Prizes and Awards

Sir Chinuhai Baronet

Sir Chinuhai Baronet

Gujarat College

Details of Maintenance and Scholarship Funds

Raised by the Donors under TCE (Treasurer of Charitable Endowments)

Donors have deposited hefty sum towards deposits under the terms for utilization of the interest income from the funds. The income realized by the Administrator is collected as cheques issued six monthly from Charity Commissioner PLA Acct No PD-33, are signed by The Treasurer of Charitable Endowments, Gujarat State, Ahmedabad on the names of Administrator who deposit cheques to office PLA created under Charitable Endowment Act 1890. Commissioner Higher Education is Administrator for G7 and G17 giving Sanction under H (2)/Scho / Trust Fund branch and issue cheque from PLA No 27 of Acct Officer II, Director of Higher Education. The other funds are managed by Principal Gujarat College as Administrator. The investments are maintained by the Charity Commissioner Office, Dinbai Tower Rd, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad (Branch TCE Branch) Phone 079-25506114 (O)

No Name of the Fund Administrator Amount
G7 Sir Chinubhai Madhavlal Endowment Fund in Connection with the Gujarat College Director, Education 2450
8.5 % Loan 1994
9.55 % Loan 1992
10.2 % Loan 1993
11 % Loan 2002
11.5 % Loan 2009
9 % Guj 1999
G8 Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi Scholarship Fund in Connection with the Gujarat College Principal, GC 2800
G17 Madhavlal Ranchhoddas Science Institute in Connection with the Gujarat College, Ahmedabad Director Education 507200
G62 Vishnubhai Bhagwantrai Vaman Scholarship Fund Principal, GC 2300
G64 Indumati Kanjibhai Shukla Scholarship Fund Principal, GC 1300
G69 Govindrai Aapaji Patil Scholarship Fund Principal, GC 10300
G73 The Garet Economics and History Fund Principal, GC 6000
G88 Raibahadur Girdharlal Uttamrai Parekh Scholarship Fund in Connection with the Gujarat College Principal, GC 12800
G111 Nurmohamad A Khalif Scholarship Funds Principal, GC 4400
G116 Sankaleshwar Pranvallabh Bhatt Prize Fund Principal, GC 900
G121 Vinod Kinariwala Prize Fund Principal, GC 800
G132 Prof Dhruvbhai Anandshankar Dhruv Scholarship Fund Principal, GC 3000
G392 Prof. S G Deshpande Prize Fund Principal, GC 1000
G427 Lt Shri Uttamsinh Memorial Fund Principal, GC 600
Dept Education Notification Notification Date Amount
G-7 The Sir Chinubhai Madhavlal Endowment Fund in Connection with Gujarat College (Instrument and Maintenance at Gujarat College)
Proposal / Approval 2797 27-09-1913 220990
Vesting Order 2798 29-09-1913
Scheme of Administration 2799 29-09-1913
G-17 Madhavlal Ranchhodlal Science Institute Endowment Fund (Equipment and Maintenance of the Science Institute)
Proposal / Approval 2764 27-09-1913 600093
Vesting Order 2765 29-09-1913
Scheme of Administration 2766 29-09-1913
Page last updated: 28-08-2017