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Sociology Department [Tutorial Building]

Sociology primarily deals with scientific studies of social relations among people, institutions and the interactions with each-other. The theoretical and practical applications of this science are extremely useful to understand the social changes and to address the social problems.

Although this subject is taught at Gujarat College since early times, a separate Department of Sociology with permanent affiliation to Gujarat University started in 1965. Presently the area covering the above aspects as applicable to the Indian society, and related aspects like population, nature of rural and urban society, etc. are taught.

The college is proud of its students of the past like Vinodini Nilkanth, (a renowned social reformer who went for higher studies in sociology to USA in 1929)

Courses Offered:
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Medium: Gujarati
Intake: 100

Sociology - faculty-i
Dr. Anand K. Acharya
M.A., Ph.D.

On deputation in charge
Principal at Santalpur Arts College.
Shri Pankaj B. Solanki

Sociology - faculty-ii
Dr. Bhanu Kapadia
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Sociology - faculty-iii
Dr. Naynesh A. Gadhavi
M.A., Ph.D.

Page last updated: 31-08-2017