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Urdu & Persian Department [Tutorial Building]

Urdu & Persian Department

Urdu is language born and nurtured in India. The language is known for its gross richness of poetries, especially on romantic and philosophical aspects of life. Urdu language has received wide support from the Government since independence. The Department of Urdu-Persian was established even before independence. Services rendered by the learned faculties like Dr. Hazarat Sheikh, Dr. Faruqi, Dr. Qureshi, and afterwards Shri Kadari and Smt. Urezi has transformed the Department in to the credible place to learn Urdu, Persian and Islamic culture. Noted alumni from the Department include Shri Rafyuddin Sheikh (Mayor, Ahmedabad), Shri Irshad Mirzabeig (All India Congress Working Committee) and many more.

Department offers Urdu and Persian languages at core subject, while Islamic Culture is offered as an elective subject. Earlier, students have also obtained degree of Ph.D. for working in one of these subjects. Bazm-e-Adab (Society for Discipline and Culture) was established at the Department to acquaint students aspiring to interact with the experts in the area related to the subjects taught.


Dr. Nazemabanu M. Ansari
M.A. , Ph.D. (Urdu)
H. O. D
Dr. Afsa Moinuddin Kadri
M.A. , Ph.D. (Persian)
No. Publication Title Description
1 Gujarat ka Qadirulkalam shair
Fakhruddin Fakhr Aur Unki Shayri
Gulbun(Bi Monthly) July-Aug-2007
2 Ahmed Nadim Qasmi Ek Hama Jihat Fankar. Jahan-e-Urdu (Jan to June 2012)
3 Waris Alvi Shakhsiyat ke Aaine me Bebaak (Dec 2014)
Page last updated: 22-09-2017