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Biology Department (Zoology) [New Science Building]

Biology Department Zoology

The role of biology is to identify cause-and-effect relationship and note their predictive value in a way that will improve the environment for all forms of life.

The Biology Department inherited the richest work tradition from the eminent biologists of India and Great Britain, who served as faculty from time to time. The Department participated in the teaching of anatomy to first year medicine, conducted post-graduate courses in biology and research for Ph.D. degrees also. Eminant faculties like Dr. G. T. Pandya, J. D. Oza, Dr Asana, M. C. Parikh, R. Y. Gupte, Dr. Satyanarayan and Prin. Dr. Y.M. Dalal have served this Department.

A very rich teaching material available in the Laboratories, Museum, Botanical Gardens, Herbaria and Departmental Library wins the first choice of students aspiring to take up these subjects for graduation.

British Museum, as is known by the erstwhile name, is housed (15x10 Mtrs) in the Biology Department with the richest collection within the state of Gujarat of rare biology specimens. These specimens are very well conserved inside the array of all the teak-wood antique glass panel cupboards piled up covering the carved balconies.

The range of collection covers the span of Invertebrates (450), Vertebrates (300), minor Phyla and other rare specimens. A well conserved assortment of skeletons (40) from Fish to Men; the mandibles, ribs and vertebra of gigantic blue whale; Saw Snout (rostrum) of Pristis (Saw-fish) and skull of Porpoise are the pride possession of the museum.

A gathering of hunting trophies (six) viz. horns of Gazelle (Impala), Rhinocerous and Black-buck; Antilles of Sambur and umbilicus of Musk-deer adds to the glory of the collection. A plethora of well-preserved Stuffed animals (24) including Pather, Elephant tail, Monkey, King Cobra and range of Birds stands out in a mesmerizing posture speaking of the painstaking efforts made by the faculties and staff of the Department.

A magnificent treasure of charts, slides, Projection equipment, Ballipticons and range of travelling microscopes are the teaching aids used at Biology Department.

A collected work, largely by Shri Sedgwick, comprising of numerous specimens of fossilized (40) plants and animals and seeds of plants (200) makes this museum stand out among the best in the country.

UGC Major Research Projects

Dept of Biology and Dept of Microbiology

Title:Characterization and Development of Biotechnological Applications from the Byssus Protein from Mytilus spp

Research Team : Dr. Y. M. Dalal, Principal Investigator, Dept. Zoology Dr. B. N. Yagnik, Dept. Microbiology Dr. K. S. Pithawala, Dept. Zoology
Tenure : 01-APR-2004 to 31-SEP-2007
Amount : Rs.7,00,000
Agency: University Grants Commission, New Delhi under Major Research Project Scheme of Xth Development Plan

Courses Offered:

B.Sc. in Zoology (60 Seats, English Medium & Gujarati Medium)


H. O. D (Botany/Zoology)
Dr. Manoj B.Patel
M.Sc. (Zoology), Ph.D.
H. O. D (Botany/Zoology)
zoology faculty 2
Dr. Kamlesh D. Shah
M.Sc. (Zoology), Ph.D.
zoology faculty 3
Smt. Nalini I. Patel
zoology faculty 4
Dr. Kespi A. Pithawalal
M.Sc., Ph.D.
zoology faculty 5
Mr. Kirti B. Patel
M.Sc. (Zoology)
zoology faculty 6
Dr. Suresh N. Dhandhukiya
M.Sc., Ph.D.
zoology faculty 7
Dr. Dipti Harish Joshi
M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.
zoology faculty 8
Mr. Rajesh M. Gohel

Book Publication

Title: - "Effects of sodium Fluoride and Amino acid Supplementation on the Testes"

Published By :- LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015

ISBN Number 10 : 3659445177/ ISBN 13 : 9783659445170

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